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Devices are what all your  sensors  in the field connect to.

Generally known as a PLC's, RTU's DCS controllers and micro controllers.

The devices are programmed to check the condition of a sensor and report back  at a time interval of your choice.

Our own device is called the "Mako"


Using the Pass-Port Gateway, data is converted to a fast secure protocol called MQTT.

This information is transmitted to The Cloud.

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It sits in your office, switchboard and/or living room and connects to the internet like an average computer does.

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IBM take great care ensuring your data is safe and secure.

with a 99.9% SLA, your data will be available when you need it is a web based HMI Scada system. Inside the cloud your fresh data can be seen in a list we call "variables". 

These variables are responsive in realtime, we call a sensor change, a 'data dot', also knows as a data time stamp.  

Just like a SCADA system you can customize and design your Cloud page, also known as a "Dash Board".

With drag and drop capabilities you can be running in minutes.

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