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Mako V2 Australian Built PLC
Mako Flyer

Smithtek's Mako V2 PLC is designed to provide the ultimate solution for telemetry, automation, and control monitoring. With a focus on reliability, simplicity, and future-proofing, this cutting-edge device combines the power of an IoT device and a
ultra-fast PLC. With its compact size, embedded LoRa RF, Wi-Fi, GPS, and direct IoT connectivity,the Mako V2 is an ideal choice for remote applications, especially large sites.

Its LoRa RF radio capability allows for communication over the air, enabling remote control and monitoring of your equipment. The device's direct IoT connectivity further enhances its usefulness, allowing you to easily connect it to the internet for remote control and monitoring.
The Mako's V-NET configuration software is user-friendly, with a drag-and-drop flow-based design that accommodates users of all technical levels. Its modern communication protocols, IoT connectors, and traditional PLC tools provide a seamless and powerful experience, unlocking endless creative possibilities. In conclusion, the Mako V2 represents a revolution in control, breaking down traditional barriers and paving the way for a more connected and efficient future.



  • 4 *  4 20mA inputs.

  • 2 *  0-5V inputs / pulse inputs

  • 2 *  RS485.

  • 8 *  Digital inputs / pulse inputs.

  • 8 *  Digital outputs.

  • Superior long range RF Telemetry Modem, 15+KM LOS.

  • GNSS / GPS/ Glonass / Galileo.

  • SD Card for data logging.

  • Mqtt / Http / NTP / NIST.

  • Modbus Serial / TCP

  • Wifi Ready, Server or client capabilities.

  • Sub routines.

  • PID, sequencers, bools, counters, delays.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Ideal for remote monitoring & Control.

  • Pass-Port IGW remote control ready.

Application use:

Agricultural , mining, remote communities, survey- (data logging), environmental,

power generation, security, mobile plant and machines, water treatment, pump control, irrigation,

farming (general use), marine, parks, recreational  and public area assets.

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