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Devices are what all sensors  in the field connect to.

Generally known as a PLC's, RTU's DCS controllers and micro controllers.

Devices are programmed to check the condition of a sensor and report back  at a time interval of your choice.

Our device is called the Mako V1.0


A Gateway is what connects a device to the internet.

Our gateway is called the PASS-PORT

Data is retrieved from a device and processed. Commands are sent back to the device. like: "Turn on a pump"

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SMITHTEK.CLOUD is a web-based HMI Scada system. Inside the cloud, fresh data received from the Gateway can be seen in a list we call "variables". 

These variables are responsive in realtime, we call a sensor change, a 'data dot', also knows as a data time stamp.  

Just like a SCADA system you can customise and design your cloud page, also known as a "Dash Board".

With drag and drop capabilities you can be running in minutes.

It can sit in your office, switchboard, or workshop and connect to the internet just like the average computer.