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Integrate with  Hunter and Hydrawize

Connecting Hydrawize with Smithtek PassPort

  1. Ensure Wi-Fi Compatibility:

    • Confirm that your Hydrawize controller is Wi-Fi enabled to facilitate easy integration.

  2. Obtain API Key:

    • Log in to your Hydrawize account.

    • For mobile users, tap the hamburger icon. Desktop users should click on the My Account icon.

    • Navigate to Account Details.

    • In the Account Settings section, select "Generate API Key". This key will be used to establish a connection between your Hydrawize controller and the Smithtek PassPort.

  3. Network Connection:

    • Connect both your Hydrawize controller and the Smithtek PassPort gateway to the same network. This can be done via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection to ensure stable communication.

  4. Configure NodeRED:

    • Open the NodeRED application on your Smithtek PassPort.

    • Import the necessary Hydrawize nodes into NodeRED.

    • Enter your newly generated API credentials in NodeRED to link the Hydrawize controller with the PassPort gateway.

This setup will create a control link between your Hydrawize system and the PassPort, allowing you to manage your irrigation system through this integrated platform.

Extending Control with Mako PLCs

  1. Integrate RF Ready Mako PLCs:

    • Obtain RF-capable Mako PLC units to extend the reach of your Hydrawize control system. These PLCs can communicate over long distances, making them suitable for large-scale applications.

  2. Configuration:

    • Configure each Mako PLC to connect with your favorite flow meters, pressure sensors, tank level sensors, and water treatment sensors.

Hunter and PassPort topology
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