Our Cloud SCADA service provides a cutting edge UI for monitoring and control.

  1. Connect your devices to the PASS-PORT Gateway.

  2. Program the back end logic using  Node-RED

  3. Deploy your program so it sends the data to the cloud

  4. Customise your Cloud dashboard layout in minutes.

  5. Gauges, switches, sliders, trend charts, indicator lamps,  everything you need to get a clean simple web SCADA running.

PASS-PORT Device Gateway Flow Editor

desktop mock2.jpg

The Pass-Port Gateway has endless possibilities. Built on the IBM Node-RED platform it provides a revolutionary and rapid way of programming your field devices.


It is a simple flow-based, graphical development environment. You just drag and drop the functions you require, connect a wire between them, and hit deploy.


The SMITHTEK API Node will seamlessly send your data to

Or you can easily send the data to a cloud platform of your choice.

SMITHTEK.CLOUD is our cloud. You don't have to use ours but we would love it if you did.

Following the same convention as the Gateway our cloud is simple with only a few web pages to navigate around.


Our user-friendly dashboard is drag and drop. This means you can build your very own SCADA system in minutes. We have plenty of widgets to choose from, see our selection below.

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New Project.png

  • ISO27001 security management. MQTT with TLS encryption.

  • Event alarms, SMS, email, phone call, webhook alerting system's, multiple receivers.

  • Data retention 3 years, more if required.

  • Subscribe to your data from other MQTT brokers.

  • Dashboard sharing features, perfect for sharing among organizations and clients.

  • Synthetic Variables. Apply your coding technique or math skills to push the boundaries.

  • Dynamic Dashboard. Have the same dashboard over multiple sites. Great for mirrored assets.

  • Sensor range scale feature. Range your sensor's inputs and outputs on the cloud.

  • The possibilities are endless, give us a call!

Try the free demo Cloud and get a feel has many premium features for a budget rate.

Take a look at some of the things we offer.