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Australian Built Telemetry Solutions.

With the 3G shutdown imminent in Australia, it's crucial to ensure your telemetry hardware stays online.

There are many reasons people will get caught out and left in dark then once that realisation sets it trying to navigate through the rabbit hole of solutions being offered to you will take its toll.

Smithtek is gearing up and ready on the phone to help you transition. The next few months is going to busy for business owners and operators, lots of mistakes are going to happen, plenty of inadequate hardware solutions and support is going to flow through the hands of the industry.

Smithtek has only 3 products to offer, providing you from the onset a minimal choice factor.

Our 3 products are design manufactured in WA Australia with the sole purpose of controlling, managing and connecting you to your hardware assets.  This could be anything from process automation, stock water, tank level management, smart metering, flow metering, bore pump and motor control.  Our products are designed to work autonomously or connect to the internet to get your data to you, stress free and low cost.

Our holistic systems connect effortlessly to alternative communication solutions like 4G-LTE, Starlink, NBN, and the upcoming Starlink to Cell service in 2025. 

We are ready to help you get across and wave goodby to the legendary 3G service.


Scroll down to the contact section and feel free to reach out to us

3g shutdown Mako PassPort smithtek
Mako PLC 3g shutdown
PassPort 3g shutdown
Smithtek Mesh network
Smithtek 3G

If your system is listed below and your 3G connected.

Get in touch and we will help you.

Application use:

  • Agricultural ,

  • Mining,

  • Remote communities,

  • Data logging, environmental,

  • Power generation,

  • Security, mobile

  • Plant and machines,

  • Water treatment,

  • Pump control,

  • Irrigation,

  • Farming (general use),

  • Marine, parks,

  • Recreational  and public area assets.

  • Process Automation

  • Smart Meters (Flow meters, energy meters)

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