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The Pass-Port Gateway
Smithtek Pty Ltd Pass-Port Gateway

Get to know the Pass-Port Gateway with these 5 facts but first let's start with a little introduction into the subject which is taking the world by storm, the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the new amenity in our lives, sometimes without us even realising. It simply refers to the connection of devices i.e. smartphone, fitness watch, a water storage tank, machines, sensors, basically any telemetry device which can be connected and transfer data using the internet. Why might this be useful one might ask, well imagine being able to manage your environment without even thinking. For example a level sensor on the water storage tank could inform you when it's low or a sensor on a generator could tell you when to top up the fuel, you could proactively manage your assets

remotely without having to actually be onsite. The Pass-Port Gateway is the central control hub which connects your field sensors and devices to the internet or to each other.

1. The Pass-Port comes embedded with IBM's Node Red packed with hundreds of modules that will connect you to any asset and provide monitoring and control in real-time.

2. The Pass-Port is compatible with the Mako (our PLC device) straight out of the box.

3. It comes equipped with Modbus and I2C ports capable of talking to thousands of industrial devices.

4. The Pass-Port is designed to be used online or offline. When offline it will still talk to wired and wireless devices over superior distances. The operator can maintain control without having internet connectivity.

5. HTTP, MQTT and websockets are just a few of the communication protocols the Pass-Port can use to connect you and your devices to any Cloud platform.

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According to Forbes forecast, the global IoT market will grow from $157B in 2016 to $457B by 2020. Become a part of this growth using the Pass-Port Gateway by Smithtek to start proactively managing your business.

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